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PPGSAN Contextualization:


Since 2003, the Federal Government has made a commitment to fight hunger and poverty in the country, which has advanced the construction of the FNS agenda as a state policy, in a broad intersectoral process and with the participation of civil society. Advances in debates and institutionalization of the National Policy of FNS have been one of the most significant gains observed in Brazilian social policies in recent years. The context of important mobilization in the face of meeting these Federal Government proposals implies new scientific challenges, aggravated by the current moment of political and economic crisis. For this, the country needs to promote the formation of qualified human resources for the exercise of advanced professional practice and transforming applied actions and processes, with emphasis on technical-scientific production, applied research and the proposal of innovations and improvement to solve specific problems that allow advancement in the field of SAN at national, regional and local level. The research produced by the University is arguably the main driver of problem solving in work scenarios. For this reason, UNIRIO offers the Postgraduate Program in Food and Nutrition Security (PPGSAN), which aims to develop proposals for the construction of diagnosis and intervention aimed at solving problems in the SAN Policy work scenarios; Promotion of Adequate and Healthy Eating; Food Production and Quality Management; Food and Nutrition Surveillance and Food Control and Regulation.

The PPGSAN aims to train professionals, managers, teachers and researchers, with training, at undergraduate level, in different fields of knowledge and interested in FNS, in an interdisciplinary, multiprofessional and interinstitutional perspective. The concept of FNS itself contemplates an intersectionality and a multiprofessional, pointing out that the proposal is not only intended for nutritionists, but also for professionals graduated in other courses that may pass through this proposal, namely: medicine, pharmacy, nursing, speech therapy, biology, agronomy, food engineering, domestic economy, veterinary, among others inserted in the areas of health, human, social, exact and, therefore, meeting the interests of professionals of the Municipality, the State and / or Brazil, specifically taking into account the potential Rio de Janeiro State, which stands out in the national scenario of the SAN, hosting strategic initiatives such as the Brazilian Forum on Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security (FBSSAN), the Parliamentary Front for Food and Nutrition Security as well as potential public SAN equipment.

The Program contributes to the fulfillment of its mission by training qualified professionals committed to the transformation of society and its work environment. With this, the University approaches the tripod academy, services and society offering gains in Nutrition and SAN in Rio de Janeiro State and / or even in Brazil and optimizing services provided to the population in the areas of social, economic and environmental development. as well as food and health.