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Postgraduate Program in Law - PPGG

The Postgraduate Program in Law of UNIRIO has the main objective of improving the knowledge of Law, integrating teaching and research, teaching and student activities, establishing a reflection space focused on issues related to the implementation of constitutional provisions and international treaties that reinforce the Social and Democratic State of Law. The Postgraduate Program is offered at the Academic Master's level and is structured to graduate researchers of excellence and to contribute to the national and international debate about the production, expansion and concretization of Law, such as processes carried out at the confluence between political and legal institutions, and the historical and social reality in which it is contextualized.

The Postgraduate Program in Law aims to create an institutionalized space for scientific reflection on the conquest and effectiveness of rights, bringing together theoretical and empirical knowledge about the functions of the State, its legal system, its performance through public policies and the active and / or passive involvement of society in such processes. The Program also aims to permanently investigate the role of law as a way of legitimate social inequality and as a way of changing the current social order, contextualizing its theory and practice in the underlying social and historical realities.

 The UNIRIO Master's Degree in Law aims to graduate law-critical researchers, with academic profile, as leaders for Brazilian society, who can be able to act through the daily practice of legal education and research, analyzing the state and social actions that prioritize or prevent the concretization of the autonomous settlements of society, observing and improving the legal provisions and established procedures. The UNIRIO Academic Master in Law meets the demand of law researchers who turn the studies to the problems and solutions of public policies. Therefore, the idea is to implement a privileged space for investigate the problems of the effectiveness of the Law in Brazilian society, from the structures of the State always in the process of mutation, dialoguing with the non-state reality. There is also an emphasis on a solid theoretical basis of teachers and students, in order to constitute a group of researchers, members of the Program or their graduates, capable of intervening in a qualified manner in the national and international debate.

The alumnus of UNIRIO's Academic Master's Degree in Law will be graduated through theoretical subjects and empirical research to better understand the relations between the Law and its effectiveness, from the perspective of Constitutional and Political Theory  with a critical thinking of the institutes of its public performance . These researchers will be graduated to strengthen the democratic institutional activity of the Brazilian institutions in meeting social demands, initiating their academic insertion as theoretically qualified jurists in the crucial issues of Law and state institutions, with a well-founded knowledge of the gaps identified in the area of effectiveness and extension of rights. With the adequate qualification, graduated researchers will be capable to focus, with theoretical basis and empirical research, on the restrictions and possibilities of concrete enforcement of legal institutes that affirm rights, linking society and political agents, with particular emphasis on the performance of the Judiciary, for the legal tradition of society, and for its history of constitution.