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Postgraduate Program in Medicine (PPGMED/UNIRIO)

The Postgraduate Program in Medicine (PPGMED/UNIRIO) began in 2011 with the approval of the Professional Master's course proposed in Public Notice no. 02/DAV/2009, pursuant to Normative Ordinance No. 7 of the MEC, dated June 22, 2009 Dow 117, page 31, dated 06/23/09). The PPGMED was the first professional master's degree accredited in the field of Medicine III of CAPES and was the first professional master's degree of the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO),

The original structure of the course counted on a single field of concentration - Videoendoscopic Techniques - containing 06 scientific-technological lines of action: Digestive Video endoscopy; Endocrine Video endoscopy; Respiratory Video endoscopy; Urogynecology Video endoscopy; Neuro-orthopedic Video endoscopy; Methodologies and procedures applied to Video Endoscopic Techniques. Its curricular structure involves compulsory subjects that support the elaboration of scientific research and for registration and registration of the same, elective subjects, elective subjects and specialized practices in the specific fields of activity.

At the beginning of 2017, due to the yearning and demand of the graduates of the program, as well as by the more sedimented philosophy of the professional masters, the Program's Collegiate Board (at the end of 2017 for beginning in 2018) approved changes in the denomination of the concentration field and the lines of technological scientific performance, as well as in the structure of the program, which are sent to the higher levels of UNIRIO for approval.

The new denomination of the concentration field aims, although with a similar meaning, to represent more in its dimension, being called "Video assisting and minimally invasive techniques",

For the same reason, in order to eliminate the heterogeneity of the number of candidates in the most representative surgical specialties, directing them to the lines related to the respective specialties and attracting technologically more attractive products for the philosophy of the professional masters, we implemented the condensation of the lines of scientific and technological performance in just two: "Video assisting techniques" (in which the use of procedures with imaging predominates) and "minimally invasive techniques" (in which surgical procedures predominate).


Program Coordinator: Prof. PhD Rossano Kepler Alvim Fiorelli

Coordinator of the professional master's degree program: Prof. PhD Maria Ribeiro Santos Morard


Rua Mariz e Barros, No. 775, 2nd floor (next to the 4th ward) - Maracanã - RJ/RJ - CEP (Postal Code): 20,270-004

Telephone: + 55 21 2264-4339

E-mail: ppgmed@unirio.br

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