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Academic Mobility


Mobilidade acadêmica


This program offers the possibility for members of partner universities to participate in experiences in the areas of teaching, research, and extension offered in UNIRIO. The norms that regulate this program at our university must comply with the legal provisions governing higher education in Brazil.


UNIRIO's Regulations

Resolution 3538, of December 8, 2010
 - Provides standards for undergraduate academic mobility.

Resolution 3874, of March 1, 2012 - Provides standards for registration in isolated discipline (free mover) at undergraduate level.


Endereço Av. Rio Branco, 135 - 13º andar - sala 1309 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

Hora Das 9:00 às 17:00 horas

 Estudantes estrangeiros:

 Estudantes da UNIRIO: