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The desired profile for the PPGENF / UNIRIO is:

1) Acting in the educational, assistance and research processes, with emphasis on the production of innovative knowledge, based on theoretical and methodological references;

2) Having skill in choosing and analyzing the adherence literature for the discussion of findings in the production of knowledge;

3) Respecting the ethical principles that involve research in its legal, social and human dimensions by articulating the phenomena found and investigated;

4) Implementing interventions and evaluations of results in the actions of health institutions and active participation in health policies with emphasis on nursing.

This implies that the master trained by UNIRIO's PPGENF has scientific and / or professional skills to:

I) Prepare and make critical-reflective analysis of socio-political-cultural reality and professional practice in scientific or similar events in the area of knowledge titled, with technical-scientific arguments;

II) Participate in GP, in a critical-reflexive way contributing to the innovative advancement for the participants, through mastery of the state of the art of its theme / area of action;

III) Guide the Scientific Initiation, Graduation Work and Lato Sensu Post Graduation in the field of health, with emphasis on nursing, with inter and / or transdisciplinary articulation;

IV) Elaborate and contribute to the production of knowledge (papers, articles for scientific and social journals, chapters of books and books) and dissemination of health knowledge, with a focus on nursing, at a regional and national level with a focus on international aspects, towards inter and / or transdisciplinary practice;

V) Argue with the ability to dialogue and sustain discussion, in its qualification as a master, before its peers in the scientific community, with prospects of influencing the construction of partnerships or networks in the production of knowledge and technology for care, having the effect of influencing the adoption of new knowledge and practices for the field of practice and teaching of nursing care, including inter and / or transdisciplinary;

VI) Design the construction of a career project, articulating the academic aspects, in the professional life in the assistance, in the politics and in the scientific field, considering the professional experience, personal needs, potential of leadership and insertion in the world of work.




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