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Concentration Area

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The Concentration Area (AC) of the PPGENF / UNIRIO is "Nursing, Health and Care in Society". The PPGENF integrates the activities with Graduation in Nursing. The PPGENF integrative thematic nuclei are composed in the macro-micro-macro sense in the health field, in dialogue with the area of professional knowledge and practice, aiming at meeting the mission purpose, objectives and desired profile in the program, as well as such as the care expressed in the individual and collective dimensions, including the production of soft, soft –hard and hard technologies, from the tracking the risks while meeting the necessary demands on the quality of society’s life. In summary, they are 2 PPGENF research lines which house the research group synthesized in the concentration area of the PPGENF "Nursing, Health and Care in Society", leading to the understanding that some groups are transversal, which allows the weaving construction of knowledge produced by the firm and flexible PPGENF, through the approaches and methods adopted, in the plural sense and without losing sight of the mission, purpose and objectives of the program.



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